What does this mean exactly?

Website optimization is a phrase that describes the procedures used to design from scratch, or fix an existing website so it ranks well in search engines. 

Why is this important?

Finding your website is the first step to someone making a connection with you online.  Website optimization allows your site to be found more easily in searches on the web.

What makes a website rank well you ask?  

  • Meta-Data - Using carefully chosen keywords so your site shows up when people Google Search.
  • Headers  & Content - These help with Google Searches too.
  • Minification & Compression - Makes your page load quickly for users.
  • Global Optimization- This is a branch of applied mathematics and numerical analysis
  • Scaling, Sizing, & Quality of Images- Fixing your images so they load quickly

When it comes to optimization, Katana Sites has a precise approach, delivering a beautiful, quick site well designed and user friendly.

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