As people who run non-profit initiatives, we know the value of having a website. Whether your site acts as a hub for a community farm, or an online music charity, being able to share your ideas is valuable to spread the word, raise funds, find volunteers and connect with like-minded people.  Katana will help you build the a well integrated website for your non-profit.  We want to help by giving you more time to run the programs you need to run, by handling your overall design, initial set up, optimization and integration.

Initial set up includes:
• Hosting 
• Basic Domain 
• General Optimization 
• Basic SSL Security 
• Basic CDN (Cloud Delivery Network) 
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
• Monthly extension updates & backups

*we charge $250 each year for all of these features. 

Optional Custom Add-Ons:

$150- Crowd Funding Platform Install
$150- Donation Subscription Install 
$10/per item before launch 
$25/per item after launch 
Each Crowd Funding item includes: description, images, SEO, social media share buttons. You provide the content. 
*Images included, but not video content. If you want a video pitch, you must provide content by having it on YouTube. 

Requirements:, and/or PayPal, and/or Stripe, and possibly a bank account for your non-profit. 
*Manual input is required per offline transaction. 

If you want us to set up your monetary accounts listed above, we would need your authorization. 
We would set them up for you and then you would later change your password and we would teach you how to operate them. 
Cost= $100/account (see below in optional add-ons) 

• Blog: $25/per post before launch 
$50/per post after launch 
• Social Media: 
$25/per basic Social Media account set up 
$50/ Social Media Developer App (for website login integration & social media communication)
$50/install EZ Profile (users can login with FB with 1 click) RECOMMENDED

Recommended platforms for you: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn 

• Social Media Management- pricing varies upon amount of engagement. 
• Non-Profit Logo $250
*$50 additional formatting waived for non-profits.
• Discussion Forum- $50 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) 
• PayPal, Stripe & other monetary account authorization: $100/account
• Other add-on options available. Contact us for details.