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Is Joomla the best CMS to build websites?

Joomla is a powerful Content Management System that has been used by innumerable amount of institutions, businesses, organizations, governments, and individuals. Using Joomla is not hard and it cost efficient. 

Our inclination would be to say: ABSOLUTELY

However there are a few things to take into consideration before you make a decision. Here's two key reasons why Joomla is the best way to build a Website. If you want your business revenue to increase, you must to build a website that can help you. Joomla is the CMS that has the power and versatility to do so.

Do you need your content organized? 

​You need to remember that Joomla is like a physical store packed with a team of highly specialized robots robots. When it comes to content, Joomla will require you to provide the content with the proper labels, tags, descriptions so it can do its job. With this information, Joomla will be able to display the content in ways that will make sense to the user and will generate a better user experience. 

The great misconception is that a website should be just a high-end business card. The truth is that most DIY websites will make you believe that the front end of a website is that matters. However, a CMS will help you build a whole system in the back-end and the front end will only show the final products to the users through a great User Experience (UX). Therefore, one change in the back end can change infinite things in the front end. This saves innumerable amount of time because things are organized by a smart system that keep things simple.

Do you need to automate your tasks?

Imagine if you have a new customer and you want to stay in touch with them once a week through emails. If you write him an email a week, you might invest 5 minutes per week to write that email for that one customer. If you had 10 customers, that would mean 50 minutes per week. What if you forget or an emergency happens? What if you make a mistake and you send the wrong email to the wrong person at the wrong time?  What if you end up having 100 customers or if they scale up to a thousand and beyond. That would be a lot of emails and a lot of time.

Joomla can automate your emails, send them at the right intervals, control the user behavior (open & click rates), plus, you only get to write each email once. This is just one example. Joomla can automate your offers, your coupon offers, social media exposure and many other important tasks that will save you money and time. This is why Joomla has been used by so many companies. A Joomla website can help any business maximize their resources by implementing systems and extensions that allow to keep things under control

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