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Here you will realize that a website can be far more productive and cost effective that you ever imagined. With Katana you can choose to build or purchase the skills to develop the site that will make a difference in your industry. 

If you seek education, we have the courses ready for you. If you need the tools, we have components, modules, templates, and plugins ready for you. If you need a website master, we have a team of developers with different ranks to build the website you need for you.

Welcome to Katana,
the real world of Web Development.


Enroll in automated online courses

  • Learn Joomla
  • Learn Marketing
  • Learn about Extensions
  • Learn about Funnels


Hire our professional web developers

  • Get a powerful website
  • With amazing extensions
  • Built into your site
  • So you keep everything in control


For those who want to build independently

  • We provide education
  • We provide the tools
  • We provide Hosting
  • We provide Support
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