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Customer service is our top priority.

We are available to help you during business hours (M-F 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST), ready to answer your questions. Our operation is sustainable from anywhere in the world. Therefore, we can be available to assist you from many locations in a very convenient way.

Our Story

Building Websites is precisely what brought the team together. As we were discussing the difficulties and rewards of building websites, we started to realize that we had a similar vision and personalities. Music and Art are the main passions of this team. We started out with the primary objective to help musicians and artist have amazing websites that help their career objectives. As our friendship grew, we understood that this team was much larger than just a few websites a year. We dream big and we are now, building bigger.

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Our Services

Web development is a complex yet very exciting type of work. We want to work on projects that ignite our passions. Therefore, we choose our projects carefully to focus on design and stunning results.  
Every website is unique and for this reason, it needs a unique approach. If you can take something away with you today, we would like you to know that if you want to build something amazing, you need a team that makes your work fun, rewarding, special and inspiring.
Katana is here to help you with a website that will drop the jaws of those who stumble upon it.

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'Well integrated and well designed website with multifaceted aspects that have connected our farm with community members, customers, volunteers and donors. Grateful for our online 'farm hub.' Now we have more time to garden! 


President, Inwood Community Farm